Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes BD 02v2 04v2 1080p re-released!

This should've been released way earlier. Anyway, these v2's will fix video glitches that appeared because of a failure in the muxing stage making the video freeze at one place.
This is only valid for the 1080p version.

Enjoy smooth playback :)

TOMH 02v2 1080p H264
TOMH 02v2 1080p H264 DDL
TOMH 02v2 1080p H264 Patch

TOMH 04v2 1080p H264
TOMH 04v2 1080p H264 DDL
TOMH 04v2 1080p H264 Patch


  1. Happy you guys start to work on MH2 again. Can't wait for the new episodes. :)

  2. So where are episodes 1 and 3? Are they coming up?

  3. episodes 1 and 3 were released ages ago, see archives. those 2 and 4 are just v2. i'm still waiting for eps 7+, though.
    please, this year... ;-)

  4. would anyone be so kind to seed the EP 1~5 1080p torrent :(

  5. Patch link and DDL are DEAD.
    Torrents no seeders.

  6. Hi! Would it be possible to re-up the patches, please?
    I would really appreciate it!

    1. The patches are long dead. We and ekke will get to work now on finishing the BDs though.