Monday, September 7, 2009

A Lovely Complex Music Video! (Artist: Umibouzu, Song: Shouganeze).

You don't even want to know how much a pain in the ass this song was to do!!!
Umibouzu raps in slang and what he says, makes no sense at all. We went through 2 TL checks, so this is the best we got. Not to your liking, you can do it yourself. But anyways, this is one of the specials in the DVD series. Nothing big, but we were bored so...ehhh..we got it done. Big thanks goes to all these people:

TL: Shinkun.
TLC: Asairo, Fireboy88.
Karaoke: Webbmaster62 (^_^)
Karaoke Effects: Asairo, Lexica-chan.
Encoder: Webbmaster62.

We been through hell on this one, but hope you guys enjoy it. I'm thinking about the other little DVD specials in the show as well, but they're not really all that important (e.g. the interviews). Enjoy and look forward to see episode 1 from us soon.



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