Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shin Koihime Musou - Live Revolution released!

Finally! Here's your Koihime fix! XD Anyways, this took a bit but we finally got it done. If you guys didn't know, it's a little concert that the producers decided to do for whatever reason. It's cute though. This was a joint effort with PF-subs so please go by there site and give them a big pervy hug. Also thank DmonHiro and Zero-Raws for the raws themselves.
Now that this is finished, we can start work on the OVA. So look for that in the future. Now, go grab it. XD

Koihime Concert 1080p H264

Koihime Concert 720p H264

Koihime Concert 400p XviD

Koihime Concert 400p DDL Xvid

Koihime Concert 720p DDL H264

All files or on bot in IRC channel.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weiss Survive R 11 and 12 END out!

Well, this it it folks! The last two episodes of the show. We had to use Leopard's raw for 12 since we never got the TS raw for it. But atleast, we got it so thank them for that. We did our best with it and this show. I know most of you guys will probably grab DATS for archive reasons(no ill will towards them at all) after they released theirs, but I'm glad you guys decided to look over ours as well. We got other things planned so stay tuned. Shin Concert should be next with our friends at PFSubs then the OVA. Thanks to all the staff that helped on this show. As always, if want off bot, go to #Wasurenai.

Weiss R 11 H264

Weiss R 11 XviD

Weiss R 12 H264

Weiss R 12 XviD

DDL H264


DDL H264



Weiss R 7-12 H264

Weiss R 7-12 XviD

We have a IRC channel now! #kiteseekers@irc.rizon.net but still working out the kinks XD

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weiss Survive R 10 out!

Well, it seems it was released while I was sleep and on anirena instead of nyaa. XD Well, enjoy you Weiss folks lol. 11 and 12 are at ts so they'll be out as soon as there done. Look for thoses soon sometimes.

Weiss R 10 H264

Weiss R 10 XviD

DDL H264


Monday, August 9, 2010

Weiss Survive R 9 out!

Well, Shin was suppose to be next but we seem to be a roll a little bit with Weiss. lol So here's episode 9. Trying to get a couple more TLCs on the rest of our scripts so we can get them out faster to you guys. Still looking for a ts raw for 12 of Weiss so if you have it, please contact me. Grab off bot at Wasurenai as always if want.

Weiss R 9 H264

Weiss R 9 XviD

DDL H264


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weiss Survive R 8 out!

Okay, here's more Weiss for you guys. I'm working on other projects as well so that's why it's coming slow. Trying to finish up the concert OVA for Shin Koihime Musou. The Beach OVA should come afterwards then Quiz 2. Hopefully, we can get the concert out soon. Others I'm waiting on TLs for. I'll keep you guys updated as always. Still looking for a ts raw for 12 of Weiss so if you have it, please contact me. Grab off bot at Wasurenai as always if want.

Weiss R 8 H264

Weiss R 8 XviD

DDL H264