Monday, May 16, 2016

Yeah we know and yeah we will! XD New Milky Holmes announced!

On Dec 31 it was announced. Don't know if its a full series or just OVA though.. If anything we do, you know milky will get subbed lol. Also, yes we are still waiting for BD or DVD of the movie. I don't think its out yet though....if it is, let us know please. ^^

Monday, May 2, 2016

Okay, here's the thing....TYPESETTERS!

Here's the scoop or 411. I'm stalled on projects mainly cause I need typesetting done on a lot of them or its up and coming soon in status of the show. I need atleast one or two typesetters to help to keep stuff releasing. TLing and everything else is no problem. If anyone has experienced in this fill, please contact us via email or hit us up on IRC. Also, you can me pm me on IRC as well or Teme or Ekke or anyone if online at time.  

Status on shows:

PRDMF 40-51 are at editing. Then we go typesetting crazy. Sparkhawk should be starting this soon.  

PRRL Yes, I still plan to do our own version, we have some logos and OP/EDs done as well. Getting with DJ to start encoding after we look stuff over.

PRASS 2-5 at tlc, 6-11 are at timing. We stopped on this cause we haven't started PRRL or finished PRDMF to get our scripts together and mix and match each episode etc.. We also have the movie tled. Just haven't gotten to it yet.  

Milky Holmes stuff S1 BDs 6-7(re-ts 720&1080p + qc)8-12(retime) S2 we have to start encoding when we ready. Milky TD BD 1 is at Doll_licca for the insert song and qc. Doll is gonna take care of it whenever doll is not busy. When movie comes out with decent raw or BD, we'll most likely buy it and get started.

LC DVDs rest are with me. I just gotta retime the last 5 scripts and get typesetting on it for those as well.  

Eriko 30-32 are at Doll for tlc. I gotta get doll focus on atleast getting an episode a week if we can. Collectr helps us on this one but he's out for the moment and he gets hit alot too so an extra typesetter will help.  

Rio BDs I'm still stuck on the OVA with the songs needing tling. Hopefully, I'll get it done sometime soon. The BDs though....hmmm I can get them going but I need to do re tsing on the title cause those were tight how Langes01x did them. Miss him so much..*sob*  

Blue Dragon No idea man....its in limbo harder than anything else I got LOL.

Other series like Mari and Kamisama are with our Wasurenai peeps and those are getting done...pretty good. Well, Kamisama needs some help in typesetting too. Anyways, there ya go. TYPESETTERS!! I NEED THEM! XD I have future projects on the works but gotta clear others to get to more.