About Us.

We are a group composed of lots of people now and other helpers. We are the KiteSeekers. Floating through the skies looking for old series that never got DVD releases or releases at all. As for me, you can see my name in other areas and groups if you look around. Some of you should know Beelzebub. If not, he's the same person that brought you some Kodomo no Jikan and Macademi Wasshoi! as MACISTE. So how did this all start....hmm....well I was talking to him about doing DVD releases for Nagasarete Airantou (were done by polished so mark that off the list. ^^) to get better at my encoding and he mentioned.."why not do Lovely Complex?" I was surprised no one had jumped on theses after all these years. So I said, "why the hell not." So that's our first project...Lovely Complex which we still have to finish working on. But as for now, I have a few translators that help me and some from Wasurenai as well. I also like doing shows that never got finished as you can see with Weiss Survive R before it got done. Anyways, I do this for fun and hope to continue with it for a long time. We do anything meaning any genre, licensed or not.