Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes II 09 out!


So, of course Milky won in a landslide so here ya go. 10 is not quite ready yet as I have to get some lines looked at again and also the tsing rechecked, but we'll get it done. I'm gonna go ahead and just start releasing stuff randomly so just look for your show soon. 3 more to go! Also, It didn't take 6 months...look at that? Progress! Enjoy. Brought to you by us and Wasurenai.

Tantei II 09 720p H264

Tantei II 09 400p XviD (includes changes in comments)

Tantei II 09 720p H264 DDL

Tantei II 09 400p XviD DDL


  1. At around 2:09 it says "The Yokohama Detective World Fair, as commonly known as Detective Expo". The first "as" should be dropped.

    I might be mistaken, but at 4:27 shouldn't it say "Neo Holmes Detective Academy" instead of "Neo Detective Holmes Academy"? Again at 5:23 it says "Detective Holmes Academy"

    At 6:29 it says "Let me Akechi Kokoro genius beautiful girl of the police with an IQ of 14,000,000,000,000,000,000 to give you a special training out of kindness?" The "to" should be dropped.

    At 7:36 it says "You got to get it treated." It should probably say "You've got to get it treated."

    At 11:20 it says "My goodness about the guardsmen lately!" It doesn't really flow very well, maybe "I can't believe these guards lately!" would work better.

    At 11:32 it says "Hamakko Security Illegal Transport Vechicle". "Vehicle" is spelled wrong and it's more of a sentence fragment than a complete sentence. Maybe "Hamakko Security has an illegally parked transport vehicle". (Unless the name of the vehicle is actually "Hamakko Security Illegal Transport Vehicle")

    At 12:28 it says "Oh jeez, stop wimping and get changed!". It should probably say "stop whining and get changed!"

    At 12:48 it says "If I make them impersonate as the Phantom Thief Empire". The "as" should be dropped.

    At 13:30 it says "We're doing a video production!" but doesn't "enshuu" translate as "practice" or "exercise"?

    At 14:10 I think Sheryl is saying "Rum-raisin". I could be wrong.

    At 16:43 it says "can we hear about your reason on joining this discussion?" The "on" should be "for".

    At 18:07, should "Exlie" be "Exile"?

    At 19:00 it says "Detective Intentional Expo". The "Intentional" should be "International".

    At 19:50 it says "get me off this thing". It should say "get this thing off me".

    While Minami Haruko is singing around 20:25 it might be better to put the message to Henriette-san at the bottom of the screen so it isn't obstructed by the song lyrics.

    At 21:04 it says "We've to seen everything to our hearts' content." The first "to" should be dropped.

    Thanks for the release!

    1. Interesting. I'll go through these and it'll be fixed in a v2 later :)
      Maybe you should become a QCer for us :D

    2. I'd be happy to look over the remaining Milky Holmes scripts if you like.

    3. You just broke my spirit Pokey.

    4. Pokey, you have to e-mail wasurenai or kiteseekers staff mail or meet us on IRC if you want to help us on these last scripts.

    5. I made a new .ass file with the changes listed above:

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Thanks for the fix but it doesn't seem to render properly and contains some non-English characters now.

  2. At first, when I got the notification, I was like ..., but then I was like :-))

    Didn't pay much attention to any errors, so it's good enough for me.

    Thanks for listening to us!

  3. Hooray! Just 3 episodes left to go now.

  4. Some suggestions on stuff, not on this episode:
    Drop Rio Rainbow Gate. It was sh!t, I dropped it halfway through when it originally aired. Or at least very bottom of the priority list.

    Finish MH2. Rotate Pretty Rhythm and MizuIro Jidai, with Jidai having a bit more priority of those 2. Release Eriko when you can.

    Focus your energies on what you're doing well and nobody else is touching, which as I see is pretty much everything you're working on. :-)

    1. My goal was to actually rotate out each series yes. I also really want to get PRAD done so we can get started on PRDMF. As for Rio, I keep it going cause one, it's all tled. Two, it's a pet peeve project of mine. Three, I actually liked the story lol.(still pissed I had to drop my Onii-chan series, but it got done elsewhere.) It's down on the priority list but that's because MMC was my qcer for it but you see how busy he's been. Everything else, I plan on getting out soon. Trying my best to get things right so I'm not killed with v2s for the batches. As you can see, that's not working out right and it's irking me. Still, I'll get it done as well as other projects I wanted done for a long time.

  5. Thanks a lot for this release! Keep them coming, it's greatly appreciated.

  6. Still waiting for Xvid version

  7. Next , milky 10 !

  8. Kiteseekers decided to do a show nobody else was doing !
    This has consequences! Not the least of which is people expecting releases.
    If the pressure from this is somewhat unsettling consider sticking to resubbing existing releases in the future.

    Like it or not , your level has gone up from doing Milky Holmes 2.

    Now as they would say in japan ..

    Take Responsibility!

  9. Yes, you can take your responsibility by helping us out. :)