Sunday, December 2, 2018

Tantei Opera Arséne Island 08 BD Released!

Moving forward with light speed and renewed conviction to finish this before Christmas, I hereby present the newest release of Tantei Opera Arséne Island 08 BD. Wouldn't it be cool to own this renowned island for yourself?

Some subtitle fixes including:
* Fixed honorifics on two places.
* Added more typesets.
* Style fix on one line.
* Changed order on two sentences where two people speak at the same time.
* Some retiming here and there.

Tantei 8 BD 720p H264

Tantei 8 BD 1080p FLAC

Tantei 8 BD 720p H264 DDL

Tantei 8 BD 1080p FLAC DDL
Tantei 8 BD 400p XviD

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 07 BD Released!

The Fanservice episode we've all been waiting for to have in BD quality! Goal is to have ALL of season 1 BDs released before 22 December! All files on IRC.

Tantei 7 BD 720p H264

Tantei 7 BD 1080p FLAC
All files on IRC.

Tantei 7 BD 720p H264 DDL

Tantei 7 BD 1080p FLAC DDL
Tantei 7 BD 400p XviD

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

WE LIVE!!! OMG....Idol Densetsu Eriko 38-39 released!

So...yeah....hi....its been while. Yes we are back..well we never went anywhere just got lazy and real life issues and stuff. Also we need a typesetter or more if anyone is interested. I will do my best to get back in the groove. We will finish Lovely Complex, Eriko and PRDMF that is for certain. Ill get to you guys on other stuff. Anyways, enjoy more eriko!

Note: If anyone wants DDL links let us know in comments. We'll then make some.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

We back! Somehow! Idol Densetsu Eriko 36-37 released!

So, after months of nothing, we will again. I know, I know...I gotta get back in groove and stuff. We had a major setback with one of my timers. So, I need new timers! Anyone interested, hit us up on our kiteseekers's staff mail. Gotta fix website up too. Here's more Eriko to start off! Brought to you by us and Licca-Fansubs.

Other links are on minglong, nyaa pantsu and anirena.

DDL Links

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Angel Links - Kaisetsu Corner Short Released!

So, we were requested to do a 6 min short from an old show called Angel Links. I literally watch this series years ago so it brought back memories. LC 24 will be next finally. Ok,, enjoy folks!  

Request: Ryoga84 
Raw: Kagura 
 Tler: potwasher 
Other stuff: Teme/Webbmaster62

Angel Links short DVD 480p Hi10p

Angel Links short DVD 480p DDL