Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 36 released!

Here we go with more PRAD. Sorry for long delay but I got busy with work, got lazy from being tired from work etc...Anyhoo...Enjoy! Brought to you by us and Wasurenai.

PRAD 36 576p H264

PRAD 36 400p XviD

PRAD 36 576p H264 DDL

PRAD 36 400p XviD DDL

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Idol Densetsu Eriko 1v2 and 2 released!

Alright folks, we decided to do a v2 for ep 1 so we can fix the typesetting on the white lines on the screen. You can barely see them in the other one so we fixed that. Now, we hit...UNSUBBED TERRITORY! How many years till someone hit ep. 2 up? Eh..about 5 years I believe. Anyways, here we go with more Eriko.. As you can see, Moho is on fire subbing this show. Already in the double digits and supposed to be getting another script from him tonight. guess we better pick up the pace huh? XD Enjoy you guys. Brought to you by us and Licca-Fansubs.

Eriko 1v2 480p H264 Hi10p
Eriko 1v2 480p 8-bit mp4
Eriko 1v2 480p XviD

Eriko 1v2 480p H264 DDL
Eriko 1v2 480p 8-bit DDL
Eriko 1v2 480p XviD DDL

Eriko 2 480p H264 Hi10p
Eriko 2 480p 8-bit mp4
Eriko 2 480p XviD

Eriko 2 480p H264 DDL
Eriko 2 480p 8-bit DDL
Eriko 2 480p XviD DDL

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mizu Iro Jidai 35-36 released!

Well, we gotten to the nitty gritty of the series now. It's almost time folks. ^^ Now we hit the big question with our couple.......SEX! (dramatic music plays) Just for the record I'm siding with Hiroshi on this one. He's a rare gem nowadays. Miyau is the same as well. ^^ I have to admit, Yuu kinda pissed me off these last two episodes XD. Anyways, enjoy. We still got episodes to get out but at this rate, we'll be done before you know it ^_^.

Jidai 35 480p H264

Jidai 36 480p H264

Jidai 35 480p XviD

Jidai 36 480p XviD

Jidai 35 480p H264 DDL

Jidai 36 480p H264 DDL

Jidai 35 480p XviD DDL

Jidai 36 480p XviD DDL

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Look, here's the thing with Milky Homles...

Alright, the reasons why Milky has been so delayed is because of this. Typesetting and QCing. Here's the status as in the status box.

8 at qc. I'll give the reason why it's been stuck there for so long in a bit.  
9-10 main script is at qc/ts script is at 10% ts  
11 is at edit. (This is no problem as Ekke can get it done tonight if he wants)
12 is at tlc (This can be taken care of to as SD can get to it when he can. Or when we ask him too lol}

Reason why 8 has been at qc for so long is MMC or real life suffice to say. No, it's not his fault, he's just being over worked by schooling at uni now. He even mentioned this at the beginning of the year when the series started that it would delay him on the show probably after he started uni. Basically, all the scripts have to go through him as he's one of the tler/qcer and theirs certain references he wants to check over in the show that only he knows about most of the time. Me or Ekke or any other qcer in the staff can qc easily, but it be up to him if he wants to released like that or not. Don't get it wrong, we love the show. MMC especially. He hates having it delayed so long like this. The main thing is he's been slammed to hell and back with homework, midterms, the usual drill. He should be getting a break soon if I remember correctly. Also, we need a typesetter to help finish typesetting these last few episodes. At the moment, I am typesetting ep. 10 or atleast trying to with my basic knowledge skills and I'll go from there. We won't have a problem getting all the rest of the episodes to qc, it's getting them pass that is where we have to wait. Even so, I'll do my best to atleast get an episode out for you guys so you don't go batshit insane moreso than you already have lol.  

Other projects: Most of you guys know what's up in the status box. LC is being worked on again. We also found the DVDISOs for the series again. We'll start at ep. 15 with those as 13 and 14(yes with new opening and ending karaoke) are already encoded. I doubt you find a big difference though.

My last secret project that's been a secret for like what...a year? 2 years now? I'm asking my encoder to make more timeraws for it and I also have a timer timing ep. 3 so that can get tlced. When I get enough time, I'll get it started and out finally. I know we started Eriko, but that has been in the making for a few years so that's nothing new. With Licca's, we'll be flying through episodes regularly. I'm mostly gonna focus on backlog I need to get out..*cough Blue Dragon cough* and the other likes on the side there. Oh, as for the people requesting Aikatsu! and blowing up my e-mail staff page(why didn't you just e-mail Wasurenai? lol) at Wasurenai, I gotta post for them as well so I'll give an answer there. Anyways, hope this clears things up and YES I'll be trying my best to get Milky out and YES I'm gonna go back to tsing after this.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mizu Iro Jidai 34 released!

More keeps coming as we continue with Jidai folks. You realize we're almost done with the main storyline? A couple more episodes and then poof onto the extras of the show for the rest of the series. Enjoy!

Jidai 34 480p H264

Jidai 34 480p XviD

Jidai 34 480p H264 DDL

Jidai 34 480p XviD DDL

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy belated 4 year birthday KiteSeekers! We're still truckin..

So 6am in the morning and I'm posting about our belated birthday...yeah. Anyways, still here, still going, thankful for all the help and friends that have supported us so far. We still plan to do more and continue. Tired...but yeah..woot!! lol Hope for more to come.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mizu Iro Jidai 33v2 released!

It's that time again...Jidai time! We actually have more of these at edit so it won't be long before more are out. ^_^ Enjoy! EDIT: We had to fix some grammar issues in the script. ^^

Jidai 33v2 480p H264

Jidai 33v2 480p XviD

Jidai 33v2 480p H264 DDL

Jidai 33v2 480p XviD DDL

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 35 released!

More PRAD for you guys. Enjoy as we work on getting more out for your pleasure. Brought to you by us and Wasurenai.

PRAD 35 576p H264

PRAD 35 400p XviD

PRAD 35 576p H264 DDL

PRAD 35 400p XviD DDL