Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recruiting: Timer!

It’s time to speed up some projects. We need a new timer for projects in general, since we want to finish even more projects and faster!
People already having experience with Aegisub and timing should apply. Also you should have a lot of spare time that you don’t use on anything else. :D

Contact us through: Email, IRC or comment to this post.
See you on the other side!
Thanks for the participation! Timer recruiting is now closed.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes II 06 out!

Kokoro was so cute, I just had to stay up all night working on this. Enjoy.

This week's pre-title is "Murder on the Orient Express," one of the famous detective stories of Agatha Christie.

Next episodes coming out after my finals this week (for real this time), and also after they're actually encoded.

Tantei II 06 H264

Tantei II 06 400p XviD

Tantei II 06 720p H264 DDL

Tantei II 06 400p XviD DDL

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mizu Iro Jidai 28 released!


Naww, but here's another episode of jidai though. Enjoy your old school!

Jidai 28 480p H264

Jidai 28 480p XviD

Jidai 28 480p H264 DDL

Jidai 28 480p XviD DDL

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes II 05 out!

SO we continue with Milky. Good thing: all episodes are tled. Thank Asairo and SD for that. After MMC's exams , we'll have the rest be ready to come quick. So we'll get the rest out in a jiffy. Enjoy!

Tantei II 05 720p H264

Tantei II 05 400p XviD

Tantei II 05 720p H264 DDL

Tantei II 05 400p XviD DDL

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 26 Released! Halfway mark!

So with this episode, we hit the halfway mark! Mind you, we have alot more episodes tled so we're gonna try flying out episodes like crazy. We like to get to the second season actually. ^^ This episode was....HELL!!!!! TO THE MAX!!! It's your basic summary episode WITH ALL THE GOD DAMM SONGS!! My head is fried! Also, the tsing was a bitch again! Recommended by Langes01x: If your having trouble playing the tses, maybe you should try this faster vsfilter.

It helps out a whole lot folks.

Anyways, we're getting close to another new ending and the start of our Second Opening. So look forward to that. Brought to you by us and Wasurenai.

PRAD 26 576p H264

PRAD 26 400p XviD

PRAD 26 576p H264 DDL

PRAD 26 400p XviD DDL

Perrine Monogatari 38 released!

Alright everyone! More Perrine for your old school WMT pleasure! Brought to you by us, Licca-Fansubs and Wasurenai.

Perrine DVD 38 480p H264

Perrine DVD 38 480p Hi10p H264

Perrine DVD 38 480p XviD

Perrine DVD 38 480p H264 DDL

Perrine DVD 38 480p Hi10p H264 DDL

Perrine DVD 38 480p XviD DDL

Lovely Complex DVD 12v2 released!

We don't die, we multiply! Here's more LC! Don't be surprised if you see a bunch of these coming out soon. Brought to you by us and Kira-subs.

LC DVD 12v2 480p H264

LC DVD 12v2 480p H264 DDL

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 25 Released!

This one was kinda a bitch with the typesetting on the LA, but we did the best we could. Tses are gonna blink a bit during the fan letter part due to something going on with the video. Not a big deal but *shrugs*. Anyways, more PRAD folks! Making new DDL links as well since Uploadstation switched over finally. Brought to you by us and Wasurenai.

PRAD 25 576p H264

PRAD 25 400p XviD

PRAD 25 576p H264 DDL

PRAD 25 400p XviD DDL

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janaindakara ne!! Dropped.

So… We had to drop this cause lack of people available for finishing all our projects. We’re shifting resources on stuff that really needs attention, such as Milky Holmes (believe it or not).

There’s plenty of other groups that has already done this so we doing it would feel like a waste of time when you guys have probably already downloaded their releases.

Don’t despair, though! We’re gonna go on a release spree soon (or so Webbmaster62 says), so wait for further releases~!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes BD 02v2 04v2 1080p re-released!

This should've been released way earlier. Anyway, these v2's will fix video glitches that appeared because of a failure in the muxing stage making the video freeze at one place.
This is only valid for the 1080p version.

Enjoy smooth playback :)

TOMH 02v2 1080p H264
TOMH 02v2 1080p H264 DDL
TOMH 02v2 1080p H264 Patch

TOMH 04v2 1080p H264
TOMH 04v2 1080p H264 DDL
TOMH 04v2 1080p H264 Patch