Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weiss Survive R 7 out! About time huh?

Alright, first things first. We tried to keep this with how DATS did it for consistency issues. Same fonts, same style etc... Like I said eariler, all scripts are TLed and being worked on. Still, alot of you probably don't know that or haven't visited here since I haven't released anything since that Lovely Complex music video. Anyways long story short, I'm Webbmaster62 from Wasurenai-subs with Beelzebub(loli-pop-subs) and I made this group for basically DVD shows. But give me a TLer every once in awhile and I can do a series or two. I'm actually looking for one for a long series for a friend but I'll talk about that later. Okay, let's knock this one out so I can go onto my other projects. If you want off bot, go to IRC channel. I'll be putting them there until I get things settled in a IRC room with a bot. A good amount of staff from wasurenai are helping do this so give them a big thank you plus a new face. There already swamped as it is. One note: The QCer for this one was Asairo, not Ekke. But he will be probably for the rest of them. XD

Weiss R 7 H264

Weiss R 7 XviD

DDL H264


Friday, July 2, 2010

Update yet again...

Yeah, I'm back. I've been around but been doing other things with my other group Wasurenai, so got lazy on this. lol But I'm back and ready to roll. If you don't already know, I'm doing a joint with Kira-Subs since they saw our music video release and I saw their DVD release. Also, like I said when I started, we're doing DVDs releases but when we can get a TL to help us, we'll do a show or two. Binbou Shimai Monogatari DVDs are still gonna get done. Working on OP as I type afterwards. (Figuring out what font to use for karaoke...) Anyways, I'm also picking up another show that never got finished since I got some help from some special people.

Weiss Survive R

Yeah, we're finishing this bastard...2mins an episode? 6 left? I think we can do it. But the dialogue is retarded. I can kinda understand what DATS was going through with it. It pays to know the game as well. All 7-12 scripts are Translated and I'll annouce the staff on first release. I'll only be doing the xvids for this one show just for consistency. I might be announcing one more project as well just waiting to see what the TLer I asked wants to do. Also, if we do get it, it's only an OVA.(which I want to finish really bad. First one was awesome.) We have enough big shows to do already. Anything else comes up, I'l let you know. BTW, Beelzebub! Where you at man?! lol I miss ya...

Edit: Binbou Shimai Monogatari DVDs stalled until I can get the Raws again..>_< My encoder had an accident with comp and we lost them. Anyone that has them, please e-mail me.