Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Idol Densetsu Eriko 12 and 27 released! New Year!

Let's start the new year with Eriko! We're gonna get this going again. About to get to get to a good arc in the series.BD for Eriko 12, I will put the links for that one in the old post. ^^ Brought to you by us and Licca-Fansubs.

Eriko 27 BD 720p H264
Eriko 27 BD 1080p Hi10p
Eriko 27 BD 480p XviD

Eriko 27 BD 720p H264 DDL
Eriko 27 BD 1080p DDL
Eriko 27 BD 480p XviD DDL

Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future 36 released!

Hmm, I guess someone was watching too much Captain Tsubasa. :D

Hello! Fuko here! Long time no see, huh? Sorry for that delay on the new PRDMF eps, everyone, but lately I was too busy with RL stuff and some other QC's (like Futari Milky BD and Atelier BD's, and on the side note, there's really too much to QC here. Too many errors and stuff to fix...), but here you have it! The beginning of Road to Symphonia starts here! Brought to you by us and Wasurenai.

PRDMF 36 720p H264

PRDMF 36 720p H264 DDL

PRDMF 36 400p Xvid

PRDMF 36 400p Xvid DDL

A Happy New Year 2015 and and a big update on stuff!

Okay you guys! We're coming back at ya with another year of anime! Here's the thing on the delays of stuff.. I GOT NO TYPESETTERS! A lot of them went MIA or too busy to help anymore. So I need new ones and TIMERS. Which is what put alot of stuff behind we were on. Now this year I plan to knock out PRDMF fast and be done with it so we can get to the other PR series we're behind on. We still got others to finish like Milky Bds, LC, etc... We even have stuff we subbed and meant to get out a long time ago, but haven't gotten to it so that's another goal we want to hit as well. We are waiting on the Milky Homes TD raws so we can get started. That will be weekly of course as soon as everything is set and schedule is figured out. Believe me guys, we haven't forgotten anything we're doing and you guys know we eventually finish what we start. ^_^. We did get e-mails about PriPara as well, but from what we hear, Naisho Subs is coming back in 2015. So, hold on you guys, you'll get your fix. For now, I'm going to focus on backlog and getting PRDMF and Milky TD done first while muxing releases of other stuff in between. So, PRRL, PRASS, the movie, Milky BDs, LC, Eriko, etc.. will come in between. Anyways, have a great new years! We'll do our best! Eriko should be next to come out....Enjoy!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mizu Iro Jidai 10 and Batch 1-10 and extras re-released! Joint with ReDoneSubs! We done with another folks!

This is it folks! Thanks to Zalis we now have 1-10 of Jidai with our style subs and our DVD encodes we did. Give him a hand! Thank hi for his hard work! Redone Subs Here is episode 10 as well as the batch for all 1-10 and some extras...  

Info from Zalis site....Since some take issue with KiteSeekers' hardsubbed karaoke, I've created separate softsubbed files for the opening and both endings so that you can watch them without subs if you wish. These are not "segment-linked" and are not necessary to download if you don't want to. OP/ED1 have karaoke since I k-timed them for my older releases of eps 1-4, but ED2 only has simple English/romaji.
Jidai 10 480p H264

Jidai 10 480p H264 DDL

Jidai 1-10 480p H264 batch + Extras

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Atelier Escha & Logy - Alchemists of the Dusk Sky 6 BDs released!

Here's more guys for Atelier BDs! Also, I NEED A TYPESETTER! Reason alot of stuff is stalled cause either most of my typesetters are MIA or just busy so I need more! We got Milky S4 coming in like 3 weeks and I still got tons of other series to finish so anyone interested, e-mail us!

Atelier 6 720p 8-bit H264

Atelier 6 1080p 10-bit H264

Atelier 6 400p Xvid

Atelier 6 720p 8-bit H264 DDL

Atelier 6 1080p 10-bit H264 DDL

Atelier 6 400p Xvid DDL