Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 3 released!

SUCK IT!! EP 3 IS IN YOUR FACE!!! This one was laugh out loud funny. Sorry it took so long but we're gonna start getting things back on track soon. Ep. 4 will be out either Monday or Tuesday. One of our Qcer has been really busy with school and we had to change some stuff, but atleast you'll get the episodes sooner now. Next episode in a day or two. :P Also v2s of 1 and 2 for the earthquake broadcast and also spotting the kanji in the title changes when the glass runs over it. XD

Tantei 3 720p H264

Tantei 3 400p XviD

Picked up some more stuff and updates cause I'm crazy!!! Happy Halloween!

Alright, since it looks like I've been doing alot of forgotten shows, guess I should stick with the theme. XD While I'm getting ready to start the Lovely Complex DVDs, I got hit with some requests..@_@. So, since I have a TLer that doesn't mind doing them, I'll be knocking them out along the way with my other future projects. It will be 3 more...So I will name my whole list of things to come except 1.

Love dol: Lovely Idol Ep. 13 DVD
Prism Magical: Prism Generations! OVA
UltraViolet 044 6-12 ep. 0 if we can finish getting it from PD or from someone.
Blue Dragon 45-51(working with person from ILA subs to finish this.)

Also 1 secret release series since I finally got a TLer for it. If you wanna guess what it is, go right ahead. I'll be doing it after UltraViolet 044. If you can guess what is it, post in comments below. If your right, I'll announce it on the site. Hint 1: It's been 5 years since it was started by some groups. Hint 2: It has a first season and 2 OVA episodes. So anyways, Milky 3 and 4 will be out soon. Hoping to have them out before tomorrow before CR does it so we can atleast be recognized a bit lol.(Seems people just want to see it looking at the hits the CR subs get :P) Quiz 2 will be out as well soon. This is all I'm doing for now. If I get any more requests, I'll explode. So gonna finish what I have right now first. I'll do other stuff down the road when I can clear some of these bigger projects. As always, look at project status to know where we're at on stuff. If it's not in the box, means we haven't completely started fully on the project yet. Doesn't mean we don't have stuff ready. XD Until next release...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2 released!

Well, here's episode 2 for all you loli detectives fans ^^. Pretty funny episode I must say..the "Spank of Love!" was something else. Also, we know the emergency broadcast is a pain but it only lasts for a little bit. Brought to you by us and Wasurenai-subs. Episode 3 should be out in a couple of hours. We'll see if we can have it out quick before CR does..who knows *shrugs*. All files in IRC channel so grab there if want.

Tantei 2 720p H264

Tantei 2 400p XviD

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 1 released!

Alright, this series is a bitch. That's all I have to say. Anyways, here we go with the first episode of this whacky series. Took awhile cause of the karaoke and other things, but let's get this started. Working together with Wasurenai-subs on this one. Next episode shouldn't take too long as well. Staff credits ar eon Wasurenai's site as I'm too lazy to list here. XD Show will be done in normal 720 and 400p. Updates on projects in box as always and more news soon. All files in IRC channel so grab there if want.

Tantei 1 720p H264

Tantei 1 400p XviD

Friday, October 15, 2010

OMG more updates!

Yeah, I'll just let you know what's happening right now on other projects.

Binbou Shimai Monogatari DVDs: DVD isos didn't come through. I've been trying so hard to get the raws again but to avail. The only way I can get this show worked on by polished or me is if anyone out there has the mkv files from this group.. [POPGO][Binboushimai][DVDRip][x264_aac]01(E5290C80). There the ones we got it from. So if anybody has the chinese files of these guys, please e-mail me. Or leave a comment. I'm not giving up just yet.

Lovely Complex DVDs:romeyo007 has been pretty busy knocking out episodes of shows. Guy is on a roll. But if you go to his site, you'll see we're trying to get the DVD ISOs for the series now. So if you got any spare change for him, please help him out. Remember, it'll all go back to you guys when we get them. ^_^

Maicching Machiko Sensei is being done by another joint group we found out so for now, PFsubs will drop it. If we're needed in the future for it, we'll be on it. Right now, we're just waiting to see the first episode like everyone else who wants to see the series. XD

I also have a status box in the upper right now. I'll be updating whatever we're working on in there. Now for the projects I asked about before....

Ultraviolet: Code 044 I got a TLer!!! Yes!!! Ep. 6 is being worked on as I type so let's finish this show shall we? BTW, if anyone out there has the Ep.0 raw, please contact me. We got 6-12 but not the special 0 episode. I would love to use KSN's fonts and karaoke to keep consistency, but it's all hardsubbed. It's not that I'm lazy, just like keeping things the way they are when a series is being done.

Blue Dragon: I also got in contact with someone from an old group about the series. He wants to finish it as well so, I'm waiting on him. When he's ready, we'll get started.

That's pretty much it for now. Quiz 2 and Milky are being worked on. Milky 1 is pretty much about ready. Just waiting on a few things. I'll update more when I know more. Laters.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes picked up.

So after waiting and checking out the show, we have decided to pick it up. ^^ Also, we had decided to do this before CR announced it today. Anyways, first ep is TLed and we're working on everything else at the moment. Depending how things go, we should have it out soon. It didn't really help though as the ending is shitty hard and the voice actors slur their words like their drunk.. Drunk lolis...XD Anyways, we're seeing this to the end. So when the first one is ready, we'll have it out. We'll also try our best to keep it up weekly.

Edit: We'll be teaming up with Wasurenai on this one since leader wants to help too. XD

Friday, October 1, 2010

Shin Koihime Musou OVA Released!

So we finish this baby. I like to thank everyone that helped on this OVA. Including Raw Providers. Couldn't get the BDMV even though we looked hard as hell for it and we just don't have the money to buy that bastard.So you'll just have to stick with AAC unless you fix yourself. I apologize for that. So done with this and now moving onto Quiz Magic Academy 2 OVA. We'll have news on the status of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes as soon as it starts airing. Also still looking for a TLer for Maicching Machiko Sensei for PF Subs. I also would like to get one for Ultraviolet: Code 044. Wanna finish it. Other than that, nothing else to really say.... More info later.

All files or on bot in IRC channel.

Shin Koihime OVA 1080p H264

Shin Koihime OVA 720p H264

Shin Koihime OVA 400p XviD

Shin Koihime OVA 400p DDL Xvid

Shin Koihime OVA 720p DDL H264

Shin Koihime OVA 1080p DDL H264