Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rio Rainbow Gate 7 released!

Didn't think I keep my promise? Here's more Rio you guys. I'm pretty much back in the saddle now so sit back, relax and look for more goodness coming this week. I got Jidai on the way soon as well. Just gotta finish insert song and it's good to go. Remember ep. 23 of Jidai will have the new ED so look forward to that. Btw, got a Tler for danball! So, look for that series to come soon ^^. Shouwa is still on the list but don't worry, I'll get someone eventually. Anyways, enjoy more tits and card playing. oh btw...BF3000 has decided to do the 1080p for Milky Holmes BDs since no one is doing them. ^^ Those are gonna be big files....

Rio 7 720p H264

Rio 7 400p XviD

Rio 7 720p H264 DDL

Rio 7 400p XviD DDL

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 9-13 Released! Holy hell!

So yeah, like I promised, I got SHIT out. Btw, that first ep. 9 we released was the wrong one. Here's the right one so please re dl it. ^^ It took a bit for me to get these out finally, but here ya go. More PRAD will be coming when it's ready so look for that soon. We also got a new ending coming for this series as well. XD Now if I can keep this going, you'll see more Jidai, LC and Rio coming soon. For now, enjoy this banquet. Also, we know ep.13 is huge as hell. The live action in there is taking up all the space on that one. I still need a TLer for Shouwa and Danball so if anyone is interested, please contact us. I'm willing to pay if I have to. As always brought to you by us and Wasurenai.

PRAD 9 576p H264

PRAD 10 576p H264

PRAD 11 576p H264

PRAD 12 576p H264

PRAD 13 576p H264

PRAD 9 400p XviD

PRAD 10 400p XviD

PRAD 11 400p XviD

PRAD 12 400p XviD

PRAD 13 400p XviD

PRAD 9 576p H264 DDL

PRAD 9 400p XviD DDL

PRAD 10 576p H264 DDL

PRAD 10 400p XviD DDL

PRAD 11 576p H264 DDL

PRAD 11 400p XviD DDL

PRAD 12 576p H264 DDL

PRAD 12 400p XviD DDL

PRAD 13 576p H264 DDL

PRAD 13 400p XviD DDL

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sorry for long delay you guys....

Yeah, I'm stressed out at work among other things so it's been awhile since you heard from me. So it's time to get back into action. Look for more stuff coming from me this weekend and this week. I don't care what I gotta do, but I'm getting shit done this WEEK! Also, looking for TLer for Danball Senki and Shouwa still so hit me up on that if anyone is interested. Anyways, SHIT IS COMING!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes OVA released!

Sup guys, MMC here. First post in awhile. Anyways, Milky Holmes summer special is out! Please do enjoy. Also, our encoder is trying out 10bit for the first time, please let us know how it is and if there are any problems! Thanks. Tons of references this time around, check out the corresponding post at Wasurenai for the list.

Those who want the new songs can find them here.

A good site on 10-bit encoding and playback: (Click)

Tantei OVA 720p h264

Tantei OVA 720p 10-bit h264

Tantei XviD OVA 400p

Tantei OVA 720p h264 DDL

Tantei OVA 720p 10-bit h264 DDL

Tantei XviD OVA 400p DDL

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recruiting Tler for Danball Senki.

Okay, I've been waiting for it to come out by other groups and it's been since July. So I'm recruiting a tler for the show again as you remember HORUS left us a while back. Unless, he comes back...*pleading eyes* Winston is busy with PRAD and Jidai at the moment. Anyways, contact us if your interested through our e-mail. I like to get this show on the road.