Monday, August 31, 2009

Alright, let's introduced ourselves here...

We are a newfound group composed of two people as of right now. We are the KiteSeekers. Floating through the skies looking for old series that never got DVD releases. As for me, you can see my name in other areas and groups if you look around. Some of you should know Beelzebub. If not, he's the same person that brought you some Kodomo no Jikan and Macademi Wasshoi! as MACISTE. So how did this all start....hmm....well I was talking to him about doing DVD releases for Nagasarete Airantou (still can't find thoses damm DVD raws) to get better at my encoding and he mentioned.."why not do Lovely Complex?" I was surprised no one had jumped on theses after all these years. So I said, "why the hell not." So that's our first project...Lovely Complex. The subs were all done by KISS subs originally. So make sure you give them a special thank you if you see them or visit their IRC channel. We just redesign the OP/ED/subs and font styles for the series. Yes, we also did the karaoke. You can rejoice now. Just to make a point on the TV/DVD quality...Look for yourself.

Look at there faces and the trees compared to the sad lol. Believe me, we seen worse...



So, let's get started on this road to recover and upgrade this great show. We'll only be releasing in mkv format. So for the not so powerful comps, either upgrade or wait for someone to release our show in a xvid format. Which we can already see coming from how popular the series is. Karaoke is hardsubbed so no worries on your CPU getting eaten up by your MPC or whatever you use. Either way, episode 1 coming soon to start the party off.


  1. Man... I know You're "On Fire" to do this and all. And You have my "Go Ahead". But don't waste your Time on "Claymore"... [Eclipse] Already did ALL the Claymore's DVDs... ( )

    Gotta Scram to out of here...

    C Ya L8r then. ;P

  2. Wasn't planning to do Claymore we were using that as an example. XD

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