Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weiss Survive R 7 out! About time huh?

Alright, first things first. We tried to keep this with how DATS did it for consistency issues. Same fonts, same style etc... Like I said eariler, all scripts are TLed and being worked on. Still, alot of you probably don't know that or haven't visited here since I haven't released anything since that Lovely Complex music video. Anyways long story short, I'm Webbmaster62 from Wasurenai-subs with Beelzebub(loli-pop-subs) and I made this group for basically DVD shows. But give me a TLer every once in awhile and I can do a series or two. I'm actually looking for one for a long series for a friend but I'll talk about that later. Okay, let's knock this one out so I can go onto my other projects. If you want off bot, go to IRC channel. I'll be putting them there until I get things settled in a IRC room with a bot. A good amount of staff from wasurenai are helping do this so give them a big thank you plus a new face. There already swamped as it is. One note: The QCer for this one was Asairo, not Ekke. But he will be probably for the rest of them. XD

Weiss R 7 H264

Weiss R 7 XviD

DDL H264



  1. thank you very much for the release.

  2. wow awesome, I though I would never get to see the end.
    It is really a great show, ecchi and funny