Friday, October 1, 2010

Shin Koihime Musou OVA Released!

So we finish this baby. I like to thank everyone that helped on this OVA. Including Raw Providers. Couldn't get the BDMV even though we looked hard as hell for it and we just don't have the money to buy that bastard.So you'll just have to stick with AAC unless you fix yourself. I apologize for that. So done with this and now moving onto Quiz Magic Academy 2 OVA. We'll have news on the status of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes as soon as it starts airing. Also still looking for a TLer for Maicching Machiko Sensei for PF Subs. I also would like to get one for Ultraviolet: Code 044. Wanna finish it. Other than that, nothing else to really say.... More info later.

All files or on bot in IRC channel.

Shin Koihime OVA 1080p H264

Shin Koihime OVA 720p H264

Shin Koihime OVA 400p XviD

Shin Koihime OVA 400p DDL Xvid

Shin Koihime OVA 720p DDL H264

Shin Koihime OVA 1080p DDL H264


  1. Thanks as well.

    I read somewhere Maicching Machiko Sensei will be done by a group. Apparently they are waiting to finish an older project before they start it since it is very long. They could have episodes translated of Machiko already. I don't know where I read it. Maybe it was on a forum or an IRC channel.

  2. That's gotta be PF subs. Don't know anyone else who's trying to do it. lol


    (site is being a douch right now.)

  3. Oh, right. Now I remember. It was announced on Anime-RG's web site a few months ago that they'll be doing it with ray=out. It's removed now, but an older post related with it still seems to be there. They said they'll do it after Yoiko...