Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quiz Magic Academy 2 OVA released!

Took awhile but it's finally out. Thought it would take longer actually but *shrugs*. This one was done with Fireboy88 from imuR88-subs. He's hiring new staff people, so please hit up his site for info and leave a message or reach me or him on IRC channel. Thanks to everyone that helped out on this OVA. Be nice if it was turned into a series. I'll sub it if it ever is. Another fun project done and off we go to Ultraviolet 044 and some OVAs that never got done either. I guess you guys can say I'll be the recover er of long lost shows that never got done if I can do them ^_^. Anyways, I always do this for fun so look for more from me soon. All files on bot in IRC. Enjoy!

Quiz 2 OVA 480p H264

Quiz 2 OVA 400p XviD

Quiz 2 OVA 480p H264 DDL

Quiz 2 OVA 400p XviD DDL


  1. No way! You guys actually subbed this ova?! Been waiting for this too long! Thank you big time!

  2. Thanks for picking up UV 044. Been waiting forever for it to be finished.

  3. Whee! Thank you! This was just awesome! I'm surprised though that the first OVA was in 2008 yet it felt that it was only a year.. time sure goes by fast but anyway, this was really awesome!

  4. Thanks a lot!!! I've been waiting for this!!!!

  5. The direct download links for this are down (on maikuando it says "404 not found"). Is there any chance you could reupload the files? I think this is a fantastic OVA, thanks!