Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ultraviolet Code 044 7 released!

Well, that's the most moe I think we're getting outta 044 in this series. Here's episode 7 of ultra. Things are starting to build up and we learn more about the boss Sakuza here. Was pretty interesting I must say. Anyways, enjoy while I work on other things for you guys. XD Special thanks to MMC for some lines on this one. Damm drunk bastards.

Ultraviolet 7 480p H264

Ultraviolet 7 400p XviD

Ultraviolet 7 480p H264 DDL

Ultraviolet 7 400p XviD DDL


  1. thank you! waiting for avi! :)

  2. thx for this one...btw would you make a batch torrent for this one?? this seems to be a good anime..

  3. I was going to later but we'll see...

  4. Someone made an unofficial batch on TokyoTosho after we released episode 6. The batch contains 1-5 by KSN, and 6 by us. If you want 1-5 now, you can grab that.

  5. Thanks a lot for this series.

    Wondering if there are plans to release episodes 1-5 in mkv format. It you be awesome if you did.


  6. Thanks a lot for this series been waiting for this series to be subbed ..