Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dammit to hell!

FTP got jacked again! Lost everything again! RAGE coming again! But nothing we can do accept find it all again if we even can. So everything is stalled again till we can recover whatever we can. If want to help, we need the Mack Girl Raws that we had again if anyone can help us find them again.

EDIT UPDATE: We're almost there you guys. Just need to get a few more things again.


  1. And I was waiting so patiently for Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream too :(

  2. The FTP only housed raws and encodes (scripts are safe), and we have been able to recover most of the raws over the past few days. So the main problem we're having is taking the time to find the missing raws, set up the new server, re-upload, re-organize, etc.

  3. Glad the situation isn't dire. Thanks for hanging in there.