Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes OVA released!

Sup guys, MMC here. First post in awhile. Anyways, Milky Holmes summer special is out! Please do enjoy. Also, our encoder is trying out 10bit for the first time, please let us know how it is and if there are any problems! Thanks. Tons of references this time around, check out the corresponding post at Wasurenai for the list.

Those who want the new songs can find them here.

A good site on 10-bit encoding and playback: (Click)

Tantei OVA 720p h264

Tantei OVA 720p 10-bit h264

Tantei XviD OVA 400p

Tantei OVA 720p h264 DDL

Tantei OVA 720p 10-bit h264 DDL

Tantei XviD OVA 400p DDL


  1. For what it's worth: 720p 10-bit adds about the same computing load over 720p 8-bit as going to 1080p 8-bit from 720p 8-bit. So if a person has the capacity wouldn't they prefer 1080p 8-bit over 720p 10-bit?

  2. I can wait for more Mizuiro Jidai and Showa Monogatari!!