Friday, August 31, 2012

Perrine Monogatari batches released!

So after we got encodes and v2s's done, we are finished with the show. Lot of work was put into this so thank all staff for the effort and time put into the series. All links we'll be posted here and all our joint buddies's sites. I mentioned on TT about a show in the future if i ever get to it...I have alot of other shows I'm working on that I've had in holding for years so working on those at the moment, but I see no reason why not to tell you the one I'm interested in. It's Ask Dr. Rin. That series got some bad subs after HnK & L-E stalled on it. Idk if there still doing it or not but I'm not picking it up as of now. It'll be like in the way WAY WAY WAY future if I ever do but it just caught my eye after lurking on bakaBT. I'll ask my tler about it though for something in the future list. Wouldn't be able to do it now anyways as I got Ekke on my ass for the old stuff LOL. Anyways, enjoy Perrine and all it's glory. I got alot of work to do still. For final time, as always, brought to you by us, Licca-Fansubs and Wasurenai.

Perrine DVD 35-53 480p H264
Perrine DVD 35-53 480p Hi10p H264
Perrine DVD 35-53 480p XviD
Perrine DVD 1-34 XviD


  1. Try as you may, but you'll end up burned and spanked if you decide to take up another project before you clear out 5 more. FIVE more.

  2. I know. You did read my post right? lol *continues to take whip hits from Ekke*