Monday, February 4, 2013

Update on Milky...and other stuff.

Keeping you guys in the loop, all the main scripts for 10-12 of Milky are pretty much done besides me looking through them. All we're waiting on is the RC on the TSing. So, we're at Langes on that. He's our only tser at the moment and Milky is "extreme" in the tsing. As soon as he gets one after the other done, I'll be releasing them. Don't worry, we should have them all out by this month. That's my goal anyways. We are already working on plans for S3 and getting our affairs in order. I've even had offers to help on the series from tlers so that's awesome. If MMC can help us or not, we're gonna keep moving on. The OVAs will be tled by Moho but he is taking a 2 week break so as soon as he gets back, we'll get those out. Now for PRAD, our goal is to have all this out by March. We want to get on S2 before S3 starts. Dj is encoding the last of the episodes right now. We'll get those out as fast as we can. LC will be coming out at a steady pace. 15 and 16 are at ts. We'll also have more Lime out soon as well. Eriko and the rest will follow as always. Really, if any other tsers are out there, please contact us so Langes can get some help. More releases soon peeps!

 Whoa! My 200th post...go fig...


  1. Just keep up the good work guys!

  2. Yay! More Milky soon!

    I can't express enough how much I appreciate all the effort.

  3. Any news on the BDs?

    1. Ekke is working on S1 for the rest, but putting them at MMC. Some are at him at the moment. I'll have to ask if he can get them or not. If not, i'll have to jump them.