Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey! Look where one of our timers went to while on vacation.....

Freekie, our main timer is on vacation and while he's been out, he hit up Japan and went to.... 

Yup, he hit up the Prizmmy Shop while he was out.

He was at one of the malls down there and decided to visit one of them. I believe there's like only 2 shops in different areas. Tokyo was far at the moment, but he went to one that was close to Osaka I believe. So, what does he buy?

Yeah, a shirt.. No cards or jews but a shirt. Yup, we love our Freekie LOL!


  1. Lucky bastards - OH WAIT THAT STORE IS REAL?

    Well, yeah, of course it's real. I saw a blurb on NHK World one morning where parents are actually spending mucho buckaroos on this stuff because their kids want it - and then pay for a photography session modelling their purchases which the store reportedly also offers. Not kidding!

    But really!! I'd have bought a bunch of cards or at least played the game.

  2. This can only confirm that the "Pretty Rhythm" phenomenon has officially hit Japan big time (next to the "Pretty Cure" phenomenon) -- hmm... did this store come into play during or after the "Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream" season?

    And obviously, I doubt it would be complete without the music CDs and such in relation to this popular "Pretty Rhythm" series.