Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Updates! Updates galore!

So, to keep you guys informed, we're working on stuff again...little by little. Moho should be back soon from his vacation and we can get started back on PRRL and other things this season including Milky Holmes S3. It's looking like the show is gonna go that serious route again from the game franchise like in the OVAs. The 2 new girls looks cute and moe as always. We are also working on PRDMF as well. It's getting timed to hell and back and we are already in the double digits for that. We got our logos ready and the first encode is done but we still might make a few changes for ep.2 and onwards in the ED karaoke and so forth. We gotta get the karaoke done for the other 3 ops/eds so were on that. As for doing both, PRRL and PRDMF, we'll have to see. Jidai is at ts checks for 2 episodes and one I should be getting out soon. Eriko is coming along as always. Lovely Complex DVDs will be coming out soon as well. I got like 4 to work on at the same time. Rio, my long forgotten series will be done soon and we WILL do the BDs for it. Lime Iro X 6 and 7 will be coming out soon after tsing is done. Waiting on other encodes and tlcing from Zalis for other episodes. I'll try to get more PRAD specials out when I can. Lovely Idol 13 is getting a boost sometime soon with help. Blue Dragon I'm still debating on what to do with it. I do have plans for my other stuff as well including the specials and OVA for Koihme Musou 3rd OVA as well. I'll keep you guys informed.


  1. All I care about is how you guys are going to approach the logos for both Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future and Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live. That's one of the biggest highlights from you guys.

    Also, @Moho, as I posted in the chatbox; I'm note sure if you're aware about a DVD in this product - I'm guessing this is in relation to Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live.

    Also looking forward to the rest of the PR: AD stuff that has yet to be covered; that season started a great phenomenon anime series wise in general. ^_^

  2. I'd rather the original Japanese logos not be obliterated or replaced. I've always had issues with that sort of thing. Stylized text nearby is OK though.

    1. I believe that's what they did in the case of Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream (first OP, at least), stylized text wise. I think they have that same strategy planned for both PR: DMF and PR: RL.