Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Futari wa Milky Holmes 3 released! It's getting better? *shrugs* These shit cameos will be the death of me...

Seriously, those cameos better pay off later on....Another week, another Milky episode to distraught the masses... It's not that it? We can give it a shot folks. The staff like it...well I think some of the staff...yeah we're missing the nipple action *sniff*. Scratch that, BF3000 loves this series just for how easy he can encode the shit outta it lol. Come on guys...the girls are not that bad are they? Just look at those smiles....
Among other things heh heh... Anyways, till next week...Brought to you by us and Wasurenai.

Futari Milky 3 720p 8-bit H264

Futari Milky 3 720p 10-bit H264

Futari Milky 3 400p Xvid

Futari Milky 3 720p 8-bit H264 DDL

Futari Milky 3 720p 10-bit H264 DDL

Futari Milky 3 400p Xvid DDL


  1. /a/ hates the show from day one. But with very good reasons this time. This episode doesn't help with the real Milkies absent the entire episode. Apparently, Kokoro is FAR more important than them for the show.

    Well, thanks for the release, guys.

  2. I just hope this doesn't prevent an actual third season. I mean the main chars are cute and all, but it lacks the wtf comedy that the real seasons had. Also, the characters of the main series were far more bizarre on both the thief and detective sides which made their interactions more fun and unpredictable

  3. I like it so far and I loved dame dame Milky. It's just a matter of expectations. I knew it would be more serious anime this time, so I wasn't disappointed with an actual show.]
    It would be hard to beat the craziness of second season anyway.
    I like Kazumi so far, she has the cutest voice "among other things" as you wrote.
    Still I miss Eri and Saku a bit.

  4. i dont know why you guys are still subbing this crap

  5. Thank you so much!

  6. might i suggest someone with a little more knowledge of the japanese language to do the QC. I've noticed quite a few mistranslations in the first 3 episodes.

  7. I'm also guessing some changes that were done were also actually the right tls for the lines. Our QCer likes to change some lines to make them flow, but we also leaves ones that are literal tl of the line. We'll look more into it. Thanks for info.