Monday, November 25, 2013

Status Report so far on all projects...

So, it's been a little quiet on other things I've been working on. Let's give you guys the details on everything I'm working on at the moment...  
Eriko BDs 7 and 21 are at qc. Waiting on me to do and get out.  
Lime Iro X 10 is at qc and song check. 11 is at qc. 12-13 are at tlc. Telling Zalis to hurry as I got all of my encodes done finally ^^.
Rio ep. 1 for the BDs has been encoded. 14 is at tlc.  
PRAD Specials 39-51 at edit. I'll get started on them when I can.
BlueDragon I'll get to this whenever I decide what I wanna do with it.  
Milky S1-S3 BDs and batch for S3 We are going through 6-12 for S1 at the moment. S we need to start and we already have an encode for S3 done for ep. 1 but still working on batching the 1-12 first. Still fixing some mistakes and time issues here and there. I'll release batch for S3 before anything then onto the BDs of it.  
Hanaukyo BDs 3-10 are at tlc. 11-15 is at time.  
Lovely Complex DVDs 17 is at qc. 18-21 are at fixing. 22-24 are at typing. i'll try to knock all of these out before end of year. We'll see though...  
PRDMF 5-18+20-31 at tlc. 19 at time. 32-51 at time. We still gotta do some karaoke for the other OP/EDs as well. The thing with this project is that Asairo,(my tlcer) is super busy and cannot tlc the show right now. So, we are STALLED at the moment. He won't be able to do any work until like April. He wants me to find a replacement for the show but no luck so far. So, very sorry folks, but for now, we'll have to wait.
Jidai 1-10 encodesep. 1 is done. Working on the others.

We do have future projects in the works but we like to finish some of these off first. I'll keep you guys updated. ^_^


  1. Keep up the great work! :)

  2. Please don't forget to do patches for Milky S3.
    I don'yt want to have to waste extra download quota for what amounts to simple script fixes.

  3. Take as much time as you need, I just want Milky 1-3 BD to be finish.