Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Milky Holmes Alternative Blu-Ray! Happy New Year!

Recently, we were able to obtain the Blu-Ray disc of the Milky Holmes Alternative OVAs.  Because of that, we decided to redo our release using the BD source and make our release even better than before.

We have released it in three formats:

1.  A softsubbed 1080p Matroska file encoded with 10-bit h.264 video and FLAC audio
2.  A softsubbed 720p Matroska file encoded with 8-bit h.264 video and AAC audio
3.  A hardsubbed 480p AVI file encoded with XviD video and MP3 audio

We hope that everyone enjoys this revised release of the Milky Holmes Alternative OVA.

Milky Holmes Alternative ONE 480p XviD/MP3 DDL

Milky Holmes Alternative TWO 480p XviD/MP3 DDL


  1. Happy new year, thank you for the caps of milky holmes

  2. Many thanks for your kind AVI encodings. You've always done quality work on those.

  3. Thank you. But will you continue with BD Releases for the first season at some point?

  4. Man, I just hope that you will do all the BD for this whole series... Here's crossing my fingers!