Saturday, March 29, 2014

Status update on all projects!

Okay, let's get you guys all caught up on everything so far...  

PRDMF Status is we have a ton of episodes at qc already. We are pretty far too. After ep. 26 for sure. I will try to get one out atleast a day if can. We will see though since our QCer Fuko got sick recently. PRASS starts next week on April 5 and as promise we'll keep up the series weekly while doing PRDMF and PRRL since we haven't caught up yet. We like to not to be behind anymore.  

Hanaukyo BDs6-15 at tlc. Horus has been super busy with real life but he promises to get back on it after tlcing Mou ep. 3 if not, we might have our other TLCer jump back on it.

Eriko 24 is at ts. 9 is at ts as well. We hope to have these out soon sometime this weekend...hopefully. Nijiiro OVAs3-4 at qc. Waiting on Fuko to come back for those.  

Mou web series 2 at ts, 3 at tlc. I hope to have ep. 2 out before end of weekend. 3 too if possible.

Milky BDs 1-3 Waiting for Ekke to get back so we can continue on S1 of Milky and start S2 BDs. S3(Futari) will be done by Doll_licca for us. We already started on that one with ep. 1 and 2 being worked on. Tantei BD 6-7(re-ts 720&1080p + qc)8-12(retime) is where we are on S1 btw.  

Rio BDs1 is at retime, 14 is at tlc by Horus. Waiting on him to finish it so I can get it to edit and etc...  

Lovely Complex DVDs 17 is at qc, 18-24 at retiming. I see what I can do to get these done and out of here with the quickness. I know it's been a long time and sorry for making you guys wait so long on these episodes.  

Blue Dragon Horus plans to help us out on this one. When I get some more stuff completed, we'll start jumping on it. He has already worked on 45 a bit.

Mizu no Jidai 1-10 re-releases Zalis has released 1-4 with our encodes. 5-10 will be out as soon as he gets them done.

We have other things in store for the future to release as well as staff's requests AND my tlers own requests series so look forward to more from us. Remember you guys, we do all genere. Just alot of lately, it's been tons of shoujo LOL. If we can do something present besides PRAD series, we'll try. Remember, we're always looking for help. Join us if you want a certain series out quicker or like our work. More staff, more faster releases! Until Next update...

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