Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nijiiro Prism Girl OVA batches released!

Here's our last fixes for the series. We did v2s for all episodes since we got a nice error report on some sentences. ^^ No need for patches. These files are small as hell. Anyways, enjoy. If we managed to do anymore of the shows from this Ciao magazine series, we'll let you know. Btw, I believe fong has some better raws of this show he did with our subs. Check them out. He can switch our scripts out with the new ones if want. Still, enjoy everyone.

Prism Girl OVA H264

Prism Girl OVA Xvid

Prism Girl OVA H264/Xvid DDLs
If want to see what fixes were done without redling it, just go to ep. 4 post of this series. It's all there.

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