Sunday, May 4, 2014

12-Sai. ~Kiss, Kirai, Suki~

Hi, Fuko here again with something new for you all! This time I would like to present to you a short OVA called "12-Sai.".
This anime (being an intro for the manga) is all about love and hardships girls witness such as first love, bullying and overcoming hardships. I hope that you will enjoy watching our release. ^.^ Another ciao ciao magazine original XD.

12-Sai. OVA 480p x264

12-Sai. OVA 480p x264 DDL

12-Sai. OVA 480p xvid

12-Sai. OVA 480p xvid DDL


  1. It's a pity they never continued subbing this original series.
    I know Doremi did the new series this year, but this original series never got done.