Saturday, June 14, 2014

Okay, here's the thing on PuriPara and I'm about to haul ass on stuff....

Okay the thing about PuriPara....we weren't planning on doing it due to one tler. Our previous tler for the PRAD series is done after this. Well, atleast with the PRAD series which is PRASS. Only other thing he'll tl is the movie that came out. So, unless you guys know someone who wants to help tl the series, this is for us. PuriPara is a new franchise as well. I don't think we have a problem doing it just...yeah... For sure we have to keep up with it weekly so not to get behind like with the PR series we are finishing up. So tler would have to be dependable. So to make it simple, we get tler, we probably will do it. Anyways, to get outta of this slag besides with ateiler, I'm gonna go on a releasing spree. I'll keep this up and get tons of crap out probably starting next week. Could be 1-2 things a day, 1 a day, or 1-2 every other day. Who knows... Either way, time to get it cracking. This also includes stuff at Wasurenai subs as well. They got stuff that has been sitting for a while. Wish me luck cause this is gonna be something...


  1. I'm begining to wonder if there's any point in doing Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection TV since they are basically the selected eps form all three seasons with only some stuff before and after the ep. >.>

    But anyway, maybe finally I'll get to have something to do, 'cause out of boredom I've started to play the Atelier PS3 games. :D

  2. We can't lose hope - I think I'm speaking for all the Pretty Rhythm fans saying that we're still patiently waiting for the fan TLs for this to get posted, especially in regards to the dialouge before and after the targeted episodes (the four that are involved are super cute).

    And I really hope that someone does step up to the plate to fan TL Pri*Para; that anime adaption has some serious potential. The trailer for it is AWESOME.