Saturday, July 5, 2014

Naisho Subs has picked up PuriPara! Go check them out! ^^

So, looks like Naiso Subs has picked up PuriPara. Glad they decided to jump on it. ^_^ So, if you need your fix, hit them up. Naisho Subs. As for us, we're gonna just finish out the remainder of the PR series we got left. PRDMF(which more is coming out like tomorrow probably)PRASS, PRRL and the movie. Before it's asked, we're doing PRRL because we were planning on doing while it aired and we have it all tled anyways. We love the series and I'm not gonna waste my tler's work. (That was alot of damm episodes man..) Anyways, glad to see the show getting love. Go Naisho!


  1. I have my concerns. In Ep 3, for some reason their translator turned "iinchou" into "Head Disciplinarian" when it's actually Student President. But in this day and age, it's OK to use just "Iinchou" in the subs.

  2. Did they drop PriPara? Its been three weeks since the last subbed episode... :/