Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Happy New Year 2015 and and a big update on stuff!

Okay you guys! We're coming back at ya with another year of anime! Here's the thing on the delays of stuff.. I GOT NO TYPESETTERS! A lot of them went MIA or too busy to help anymore. So I need new ones and TIMERS. Which is what put alot of stuff behind we were on. Now this year I plan to knock out PRDMF fast and be done with it so we can get to the other PR series we're behind on. We still got others to finish like Milky Bds, LC, etc... We even have stuff we subbed and meant to get out a long time ago, but haven't gotten to it so that's another goal we want to hit as well. We are waiting on the Milky Homes TD raws so we can get started. That will be weekly of course as soon as everything is set and schedule is figured out. Believe me guys, we haven't forgotten anything we're doing and you guys know we eventually finish what we start. ^_^. We did get e-mails about PriPara as well, but from what we hear, Naisho Subs is coming back in 2015. So, hold on you guys, you'll get your fix. For now, I'm going to focus on backlog and getting PRDMF and Milky TD done first while muxing releases of other stuff in between. So, PRRL, PRASS, the movie, Milky BDs, LC, Eriko, etc.. will come in between. Anyways, have a great new years! We'll do our best! Eriko should be next to come out....Enjoy!


  1. thank you and happy new years

  2. Looking forward to Eriko. Suspiciously, no word about Blue Dragon... is this still in the cards?

    1. Its on the backburner for now but I do want to complete it.