Thursday, June 29, 2017

We back! Somehow! Idol Densetsu Eriko 36-37 released!

So, after months of nothing, we will again. I know, I know...I gotta get back in groove and stuff. We had a major setback with one of my timers. So, I need new timers! Anyone interested, hit us up on our kiteseekers's staff mail. Gotta fix website up too. Here's more Eriko to start off! Brought to you by us and Licca-Fansubs.

Other links are on minglong, nyaa pantsu and anirena.

DDL Links


  1. Had to suss out which links were for AVIs. Also Depositfiles keeps interrupting the connection while the page loads and I get nothing.

  2. Eagerly, waiting for final episode of Lovely Complex.

  3. thanks for the idol Eriko downloads...waiting for the rest of the episodes.

  4. when will the other episodes be released?