Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rio Rainbow Gate 2 released!

Okay, here's some news everyone. Releases were slow coming out cause my Qcer has been very busy. Not his fault though, he has a life. Same thing was happening for onii as well.(We're not beating any other groups in speed anytime soon for onii. MX just has nicer quality so we wait ^^) But anyways, we're working on plans to get things done a little bit quicker. As you can see, we have alot of Rio pretty much done. We also do keep up with the show everyone. NYandere usually has the TL done like a day or two later after the airing. Anyways, 2-3 will have the old lyrics for OP and ED of Rio since the encodes were done already. 4 and up will have the official lyrics which I still have to add. Or unless I just get lazy and say screw it. :P As for now, enjoy this episode of Rio for the people waiting on us. I'll hopefully be able to catch up quick soon.

Rio 2 720p H264

Rio 2 400p XviD

Rio 2 720p H264 DDL

Rio 2 400p XviD DDL

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