Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rio Rainbow Gate 3 released!

Women and chicken kind of woman! Just not the scary faces she makes are my cup of tea. Anyways, more Rio folks! Remember. episode 4 will have the official lyrics for the karaoke. Also, it seems Rio sings the OP solo on 4 and adds her little change at one line in the OP. So, we'll hit that up right and continue on like always. Trying to catch up up everyone. Wish us luck.

Rio 3 720p H264

Rio 3 400p XviD

Rio 3 720p H264 DDL

Rio 3 400p XviD DDL


  1. Thank you very much!

  2. Awesome, catching up is great!

  3. can u guys post a ddl for the torrents?

  4. Is it possible to either get a new d/l link or someone to seed the 720p/mkv? Or was there some other reason for it not being available? Thanks much.

  5. Thank you whomever helped seed it. My turn!