Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lovely Complex DVD 10 released!

So after awhile, I'm back again on the LC! Sorry for the long wait, but I had to fix this one up a bit. Anyways, more LC for you guys while I get back to other projects. Enjoy! I'll try to hurry these along like I promised now. Brought to you by us and Kira-subs.

Special thanks to MMC for doing that last typeset.^^

LC DVD 10 480p H264

LC 10 480p H264 DDL


  1. Ah, cool. Glad to see another quality episode. Between Kiteseekers and Jumonji-Giri a large chunk of older anime is getting refurbished. As always...Thank you very much.

  2. Ah, I forgot about ReDone as well. Oops. Between Kiteseekers, Jumonji-Giri and *ReDone* a large chunk of older anime is getting refurbished.

  3. Muchas gracias por el nuevo cap.
    Saludos ^_^

  4. Thank you so much for releasing this episode, can't wait to see more of the LC. :3 Please release a ddl? I can't torrent or I'll end up in jail xD
    Much love. x

  5. LC 10 DDL link added!! finally!! Enjoy ^^