Monday, October 10, 2011

Rio Rainbow Gate 8 released!

Yeah....dumbass! More Rio coming at ya. This is where we start hitting the earthquake news ticket signs. No worries though, we are doing the BDs right after this as well as the OVA so it's all good. Also, remember I mentioned we were planning on doing Jewelpet season 1 and 3? Well, Ayako is doing season 3 (a.k.a Sunshine) so we'll go ahead and do season 1 in the future after I get maybe 2 series done. Thanks Ayako for taking work off my "to do" list. More shit on the way..stay tuned... and no I haven't forgotten about my secret project. It's still in the works.

Rio 8 720p H264

Rio 8 400p XviD

Rio 8 720p H264 DDL

Rio 8 400p XviD DDL


  1. You are reading the posts right? BDs will come after they finish the TV series.