Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year from Kiteseekers!

Okay, we hit another one. 2011 is gone and 2012 has come upon us. Glad to see you guys sticking with us all this time so far. Yes, I've been slow, probably still will be in some areas till I'm back in full force, but I'll always be around to get things done. I appericate all my staff and friends helping me keep this up. Can't keep going without them. ^^ Also, fans(if we even have that many lol) for sticking with us. My plans for the future are to get the ones I have outta the way and a few more out and done. Like Jewelpet Season 1 is on the aegenda. Another Project that I have been planning to do for awhile as well. Akikan DVDs is another one. Plus, we'll still do shows that never got picked up or finish too. You guys already know about the stuff in my status page but I have a ton more in the staff's request list. Let's just say, you might be suprised on what might come out in the future. Remember, I do anything so all genere apply. I'll probably list more things when I find my list but for now, we'll see what the new year brings. Alright bitches! I'm out! XD


  1. I thought HOURS disappeared... Did you guys get a new TL for Jewelpet? And this may be a little late but happy new years and thanks for all the PRAD and others you guys have been doing. :D

  2. Yeah I did. Thanks. Been gone for awhile. Still am lol.