Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Idol Densetsu Eriko 10 BD released!

Sorry for the long delay on this guys. Not having any typesetters besides one is what is slowing us down. RL=delays. Doing our best for trying to keep this weekly. Any experienced typesetters out there, contact us! Enjoy more Eriko! Brought to you by us and Licca-Fansubs.

Eriko 10 BD 720p H264
Eriko 10 BD 1080p Hi10p
Eriko 10 BD 480p XviD

Eriko 10 BD 720p DDL
Eriko 10 BD 1080p Hi10p DDL
Eriko 10 BD 480p DDL


  1. is the mkv soft-subbed???

    1. Yes it is. The subs themselves. Not the OP/ED though.

  2. Thank yoooooou!! You and Licca-Fansubs are doing a flawless (and fast!!) job on this and I love it so much! A zillion psychic internet hugs for everyone putting their hard work into this. :>