Friday, March 1, 2013

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes II 10 out!

                                      Laughed so hard at this. Even the damm pillow...

Alright, I've planned on having this out yesterday before the end of march, but I fell asleep. All of a sudden I'm getting a lot of stuff at qc for projects, so I'll be releasing quite a bit for here and Wasurenai. Anyways, I FINALLY got some help on milky tsing. Basically, I was able to get Itkatsu back to help us with the last 3 episodes. He's got it and now he's on 11 and 12. Look for those right around the corner. Still, Any experienced typesetters that can help us for our other shows and for future shows(Milky S3 even though it's looking like I'll be all good when it starts airing for our weekly releases again ^^)feel free to contact us please. Special thanks to Moho, Itkatsu and Pokey for the extra help. Look for more Milky very soon as we end this series and get to the BDs(for both S1 and S2)after the OVAs. Once again, really sorry for the delay, but hey I was asking for help and I got it eventually. Brought to you by us and Wasurenai.

Tantei II 10 720p H264
Tantei II 10 400p XviD
Tantei II 10 720p H264 DDL
Tantei II 10 400p XviD DDL