Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mizu Iro Jidai 47 END released! Jidai is now done!

That smile right there makes this all worth it folks...We picked this series up in Jan. 2011 through time and hardships, good and bad, we were able to complete another series. I really enjoy this show and would have loved more of it, but this is all we get. Unless, you read the manga of course I guess lol. Still, from when Namaiki brought it to our attention, to now, we thank you and everyone else involved and or was watching the series. I don't even know if we'll get replies to this post, but thanks for sticking with us till the end. People to thank:

Tler: Winston (the original tler from Lunar Subs. Couldn't have done this without him! ^^)   
TLCer: Asairo, Doll_licca, SliverDragon 
Editor: Namaiki, Webbmaster62 :P, Teme 
Timing: Teme, namaiki, Webbmaster62, freekie 
Typesetting: Langes01x, Ferrety, shadow0lf 
QCer: Doll_licca, Webbmaster62, 
Special thanks: Collectr(needed his notes on some stuff lol) namaiki(for bringing it to my attention. ^^) 
Encoder:BF3000 (master of encoding!) Also, anyone else I missed, I thank you as well.

Now for the batch info, listen up here's how we'll do it. I got to do like 4 v2s for H264. I'll do patches for them as well. We'll reencode the xvids for those as well. We will release 11-47 of our releases for H264 and xvids. We'll also repost 1-10 of lunar's release that we release earlier when we started.

As you guys know or if you don't, Zalis from ReDone Subs is releasing 1-10 of Jidai again. We were requested to do the encodes for 1-10 as we have the DVDs themselves since Zalis was using the ones that were released online. So, we will make encodes for Zalis to re-release for 1-10 as a joint to keep consistency/style and also match our encode quality of the releases we done. We will get on that soon. For now, when the batches are released, just hold onto the lunar ones until Zalis releases all 1-10 with our encodes. We will keep you guys updated with that as well.

We really enjoyed working on this show. We are glad we were able to complete and bring the rest of this old school gem to you. Milky 9 will be next. Until next time...KiteSeekers, bringing another series back from the dead and completing it ^_^.

Jidai 47 END 480p H264

Jidai 47 END 480p XviD

Jidai 47 END 480p H264 DDL

Jidai 47 END 480p XviD DDL


  1. Thank you very much(x1000000) for all your hard work on this series, I never thought I'd see past episode 12 ;_;. Your awesomeness knows no bounds1!!

  2. Thanks guys for staying with this series to the end!

  3. I will admit it's better than most animes today as shitty as they are.

  4. Great. Awesome work. Thanks for bringing this to a close.

  5. Thanks a ton for your work on this series, looking forward to watching it now that it's completed.

  6. Million thank you for your hard work, you guys are the best!
    btw, can i have the completed batch of this anime?

  7. Great job, guys. Thank's a lot.
    Looking forward to your release of first episodes. ^_^

  8. Looking forward to crying when I watch these final episodes.

  9. I was also the guy who sent you the scans of the song lyrics from the music CD quite some time ago when you guys said you were stuck.

  10. We remember. Thanks for the help that time. ^^

  11. Thanks for your patience, and also for working together with Zalis to have a complete package of Mizoiro Jidai. You are always finding the forgotten gems in the Anime landscape.

  12. I'd like to offer my sincere thanks for all your hard work in bringing this wonderful series to all of us faithful watchers. It might have taken a couple years, but your dedication to the project is truly something to be commended. To all involved, I say bravo and job well done.

  13. I also want to day thank you for finishing this series
    Back in the day when there was only about 12 eps done i nearly gave up hope that anyone one pick this up and finish
    Many Thanks

  14. Are there any DVD special bits like No Credit OP and ED? Maybe they'll appear in the batches?

  15. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow finally *^*
    now my smile like this ^______________________^
    thaaanks very very veeeeeeeeeeeeeery much ...

  16. Thank you for taking on this series and finishing it! Awesome.