Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rio Rainbow Gate 13 END released! About damm time right? BDs coming...

So we finally finish this thing...about damm time! Anyways, sorry for the huge delay if anyone was waiting on us are even cares. I liked the show. It was "pretty basic" I guess. I still liked it. So here is the final episode. Batch will be right around the corner. We will do the BDs ourselves and have already started on them. Ep. 14 will come out whenever we finish it. I thank everyone that worked on this project. Another series down and closed out. ^^ More on the way...

Rio 13 END 720p H264

Rio 13 END 400p XviD

Rio 13 END 720p H264 DDL

Rio 13 END 400p XviD DDL

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