Monday, January 3, 2011

Anything for the Winter 2011 Season?

Milky Batch is about done but as for the title question...Duhhhhhhhhhhh I don't know.... We'll see I guess. I have alot of backlog work to do still. Getting back on track after this holiday season. Also, the secret projects are not for this season. Anyways, I'll have to see how things are if we pick up another show this season. Idk...if we do, I'll probably team up with Wasurenai again. But I do plan on doing some DVD series that never got DVD releases still as always. Including Lovely Complex still. Look forward to us picking up some more old stuff this year and I'll probably open up a request section for you guys to let me know what series out there still need finishing that never got it. I'll see if I can do them. More shit coming your way soon!


  1. How about finishing Code 044 and taking up Level-E?

  2. We been asked about Level E alot lol. We'll see. CR is still doing there announcements. Still other companies as well. But I'm hoping someone does Gosick themselves. We don't care if we sub an anime cr is doing as you can see with Milky, it's just I don't want to oversub stuff. Unless it's necessary.(Meaning crap subs.)

  3. If you work often with Wasurenai, there are some projects they never finished, maybe you could help them :) I'm talking about 11eyes (joint with FTV-subs that is not going to finish it) and Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari (with Himitsu).

  4. I'm the co-founder of Wasurenai-subs. This is just MY group. I'm surprised you haven't seen my posts on the site. I post practically every other day there. But as for those projects, their all getting worked on again. Just check the project status pages on the site.

  5. Oh, I feel a bit dummy for not realizing that :P

    anyway, I like Wasurenai but wasn't follow their (your) blog recently since they were not doing the shows I was watching, apart from milky holmes that I was following here.

    Btw, here is a good place, simple, with nice people, no dramas, no trolls, and projects you wouldn't hope to ever see completed get completed. So KiteSeekers ended up in my favourites :)

    If you are looking for other old shows to complete, I'd suggest "H2O footprints in the sand", Ureshii released DVD up to ep 6 of 12 and dropped. I couldn't find DVD ISO for this show but the KTKJ raws are good (there is a well seeded version with additional russian subs I found on BitSnoop).

    I'll go lurking at Wasurenai now :)
    have a nice day!