Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Secret Project: Mizu Iro Jidai 1-10 batch and 11 released!

Alright here comes a long rant on why this was picked up. Okay I didn't know anything about this show. But after Namaiki released 11 like a month ago, I found out about it. It seems Lunar started this show and then dropped it a long time ago. Also some of the scripts were somehow leaked from their IRC channel or something. Then when I saw Namaiki on TT asking for people to help him finish it, I was like..wth?!?! Your part of our group! You should've just asked us! :P So now, we picked up this show. Lunar's 1-10 batch we have released for everyone to catch up on the show if you don't know anything about it. Believe me, it is a very good show. Love the 90's music. Japan was still the shit back then too. Lunar's TLer Winston gets the credit and thanks for the scripts we have of his. He is in the credits as well. We will also TL the rest of the episodes ourselves. Minus that, when KiteSeekers picks up a show, we always finish it. So please enjoy the continuation of this long awaited series. We're starting at 11. I know Technogirls did up to 12, but we decided at 11 since we had the script. So you can say this is an mega updated re-release of what namaiki did. All files are on IRC. KiteSeekers, bringing another show back from the dead.

P.S. Also, if anyone has the DVDISOs of this, please contact me via IRC. The raw we have are pretty old but still work. But nothing like having the DVDs. We're using the xvids one for right now.

P.S. Doing a v2 for corrected chapters some stuff in script and some corruption we saw in the vid that passed me.

Lunar's Jidai 1-10

Jidai 11v2 480p H264

Jidai 11v2 480p XviD


  1. It's almost 8 years ago since I downloaded the first ep of this series from Lunar. Coincidently, in 2 weeks time I was planning to schedule the anime (or at least the first 12 eps) into my "to watch list" on the basis that it would never be completed so I might as well watch what had been fansubbed. Now I can look forward to seeing the entire series of 52 eps :) Thank you!

  2. Well, it's only 47 episodes actually but np. ^^ We'll do our best.

  3. Infinite thanks! I'm so happy that your unleashed this '90's shoujo Gem! I remember watching the VHS fansubs over 10 years ago and 2-3 years ago the 12 completed episode plus the raw (even if my japanese skill are pretty low). It's an amazingly good serie with intelligent, sensible and realistic character developpement that we don't see this often unfortunatly in most recent anime. I love your devotion for old school anime and also hail to your magnificient subbing of Ultraviolette 044 the Osamu Dezaki/ Akio Sugino dark sci-fi masterpiece. Thanks alot!

  4. I watched a few episodes of this years ago and loved it. Much to my dismay I never found a completed sub. You guys rock you just made my day.

  5. Wow you guys are awesome! I still have some fansubed VHS around too. Please keep up the good work!

  6. Concerning the number of episodes, hope the following will not be considered spoilers but here is some info from Technogirls "Blue-Green Years" page

    Ep 38 is the last episode storywise.
    Ep 39 is a review episode, mostly music videos.
    Eps 40-47 are "Memory Album" vignettes, which appear to be an alternate look at previous events and characters.

  7. Wow! I've recently asked on another fansubber site that concentrates on great old and forgotten titles for this show. I'm glad to see other groups are starting to take an interest for classic animes :) . Keep up the good work! ^^

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