Monday, January 10, 2011

I've picked up 2 new shows this season.

Yes Hamtaro, sex does that. Besides that, I got 2 new shows for this season. One with Wasurenai again and one we decided to do because 1. seems no one else will do it. 2. TL likes it and wants to do it. 3. zdm321 requested it. lol XD One is under wraps but for mine, I'll hold off saying until probably later. Maybe tomorrow or something. I still have 2 other secret projects to release and start this year. So as of right now, I'll hold off on all requests until I get alot of the small stuff outta the way.


First show we picked up just for us is Rio Rainbow Gate. Only cause it seems no one else will do it besides CR and yeah, zdm321 asked me if we could do it. XD We're gonna be going slow with this one people. Not beating CR anytime so I'm looking into putting more quailty into the releases. The best we can anyways. Guess we'll have to wait on the DVDs or BDs of this show for all the goodies after. Hoping this show picks up a bit as from what I heard, it's sucks ass so far. Anyways we're behind, but look for releases from us soon.

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