Monday, May 16, 2011

Lovely Complex DVD 1 released!

So after like a year or two, I finally start this series! Okay, here's the gist of it. I'm gonna be hauling ass through this series as it's on my backlog list and I need to get it outta here! Subs and karaoke TL are from KissSubs so thank them for the subs. Also, us and our buddies Kira Subs have decide to joint up on this show as they were doing it before as well. I just changed up some stuff in the script like the TL notes and such(they weren't really needed XD). I didn't bother retiming it as I don't feel like connecting 500+ lines together for an episode XD. It would take forever. Subs are readable and most stuff is covered. Basically, KissSubs on DVD. Anyways, enjoy as I jump through these. I'll give credits towards the end ^^. The karaoke was done by Lexica-chan a long time ago so give her a mermaid hug on IRC at wasurenai. I'll add xvid only if I get enough comments for it. Let's finish this bastard!

LC DVD 1 480p H264

LC 1 480p H264 DDL


  1. You tagged it as non-english on nyaa. You might wanna fix that if you want anybody to download it... :p

  2. This series rocks, thanx for this I have been waiting to know if Kira dropped it. I look forward to both you and him on finishing this, never get tired of re-watching it, until the next release, JAANA~ d(-_^)

  3. I already posted this on Kira's site, but someone said it'd be good to post it here too, so...


    Yay! DVD version of a good series :)

    Couple suggestions, though: Would it be possible to make the font styling bigger? I know it’s softsubbed, but it’s a little hard to see as is, and annoying to manually change 24 episodes of dialogue styling.

    Also, could you make the translation of the OP/ED songs the same color as the kanji? It looks kind of out of place on them otherwise.

    And typo and tense error: “If I’d been alone, who knows where I’d have run off too and hide?”
    should be “run off to and hid?” (too is incorrect in this sentence, and “hid” because he’s talking about something that might have happened in the past, so it should be past tense)

    Hope you keep working on this project :)

  4. @jmaeshawn What I'll probably do is just make the font size bigger as iI do see it pretty small a bit. The OP/ED colors were done years ago by Lexica-chan and I'm too lazy to change it or redo the entire script as I already have a bunch of encodes done already :P. As for typos, I'll catch what I can on them from KissSubs's original subs. I'm in a hurry on this show lol. It's been since 2009 since I released that music video so, I'm making up for lost time. That and I'm overloaded on other projects. But I made a promise on this series so, I'll finish it.

  5. I'm really happy to see this project revived. Thanks a bunch!!