Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lovely Complex DVD 4 released!

Oh god...for the people that haven't seen this show still, I'll be quiet, but...I'd hit that still. :P Too cute..the cuteness is killer! Alright, things might slow down a bit as I'm outta OCR scripts and will have to take up Zalis's suggestion. Btw, check him out at Redone Subs. He's doing good work on redoing series and adding ones to dvd as well that never got it. Hit'em up sometime. ^^ Anyways, I'll get to work on 5 probably today or tomorrow. Also, the DDL links will be added probably monday. You can just grab off IRC as well. I'll have other releases ready this week too including PRAD 2 and 3 hopefully. Also, about recruiting tlers...if you even know like 50-75%, that's fine. If you can get that much and are worried that you don't understand enough to tl it, that much is perfectly fine too. We have tlcers. Just having more tlers helps out a lot. ^^ So let us know if your out there. ^_^ We would love for you to join us.

LC DVD 4 480p H264

LC 4 480p H264 DDL


  1. Thanks. Hoping for more Mizuiro Jidai as well :)

  2. Haha, thanks for the plug. If you need tips on setting up any further scripts for the series, let me know.