Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lovely Complex DVD 3 released!

What my boss will to do after I get there tonight for being late for work. XD Yes, I stayed here to release ep. 3 to you guys. Now I'm off to get scolded. Also, if anyone has the ripped scripts of KissSubs's LC, please leave a comment or e-mail me. I need ones after ep. 5 or I'll have to do this the hard way. XD

LC DVD 3 480p H264

LC 3 480p H264 DDL


  1. Cross-posting this from Kira's site because I'm sure he'll tell me to do it anyway...

    I recommend transcribing over OCRing. Just grab these Russian subs and use the folder labeled "KissSub." I went ahead and did the preliminaries on episode 5 -- just grab this file, load up the TV-rip in Aegisub, go to the blank lines, and start typing away.

  2. >stayed here to release ep. 3
    >late for work

    God tier dedication to fansubbing ; u;

    +1 internets c: