Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mizu Iro Jidai 1-30 including Lunar's files released!

Was requested so here is the episodes of Lunar's and ours that have been done so far. I actually have 31 about ready to go that should be out soon. On a positive note, Moho is on a roll finishing up the tls for jidai. Now he's almost done as you can see in the status bar. I'll get them out as soon as we have them ready. We're almost there folks. Well for the ones that watch this series anyways. lol When we are finish, expect a final batch coming and then you guys can offer it to BakaBT if want cause god knows I'll be too lazy to do it. :P

Lunar's Jidai 1-10

Jidai 11-30 H264

Jidai 11-30 Xvid


  1. Thanks for subbing this great shoujo! Glad to hear that more Jidai comming soon! I highly appreciate your dedication to old school anime gem!

  2. Seeding Lunars 1-10 now. I know I reloaded them on my hard disk for a reason :)